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The cost of dying just keeps on rising!

It makes financial sense to secure your funeral at todays prices.

According to independent research, the cost of dying will carry on rising. If prices continue to rise at the same rate as they have since 2008, then the cost of dying could reach an estimated £10,441 in just five years time.

Your funeral your choices

Avoid loved ones having to make decisions at a difficult time by setting your wishes in advanced.

Avoid rising funeral prices

Funeral prices are increasing every year. In 2023 funerals are set to cost an average of £10,441.

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Pay for your funeral upfront or spread the amount over affordable monthly payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Funeral Plan?

A prepaid funeral plan is a funeral plan that allows you to plan as well as pay for your funeral in advance. By taking care of your funeral expense now, this will mean one less major worry for your family and loved ones when it comes to dealing with your funeral.

Why Should I Prepay For My Funeral?

The cost of a funeral can only increase. Costs such as the hearse, coffin, and funeral director services among others. Prepaid funeral plans allow you to combat against increase in funeral costs by securing prices today, ensuring that you will never pay more than you should.

How can I pay for my Funeral Plan?

You can pay for your plan either with a one-off payment or you can spread the cost over monthly payments by Direct Debit.

Can anybody take out a Funeral Plan?

As long as you're aged over 50 then a Funeral plan is available to you. Funeral plans are guaranteed acceptance and there are no health or medical questions to answer.

Secure your funeral at todays prices!

Avoid loved ones having to make decisions at a difficult time.